Monday, June 29, 2009


1. Just got back home at 9 pm this evening. It was an experience of a life time of 64 days - departed Singapore 27 Apr and back 29 June, completed part 1 of the Asean on Wheels journey in my Pajero with my old friend Sunny Loo, chalked up 14 440 kms, traversed through Malaysia, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam and briefly ventured into Tachileik, Myanmar, and completed 11 border crossings. The Pajero held up very well throughout. Many high moments, thoroughly enjoyable and educational. Still, I am happy to be home, in familiar Singapore. The journey ended at my home in Springleaf Garden but we celebrated over whisky at Sunny's home.

2. Still to complete the blog for the Malaysia leg. Will consider a couple of summary blogs. It will be quite an adjustment to make, to get back to the routine at home. Also, will start researching for Asean on Wheels part 2, through the remaining ASEAN countries of Indonesia, Brunei and Philippine. Not sure about Myanmar though.

3. Thank you all for following our blogs and our journey. Hope you have enjoyed reading them and found something useful in them. Most important of all, thank you for your encouragement and support. They kept our spirits up, especially during trying moments.

Neo Chian
29 June 2009


  1. Congratulations,great victory (exceeded target by one day) with full enjoyment and satisfaction. Keep the spirit high for the 2nd half of the Asean on Wheels.
    Welcome home sweet home -Singapore!!

  2. Well done! It's been a pleasure following you on your great adventure. Looking forward to seeing you on the second part of this incredible journey.

  3. Thank you, Yong Teck. Part will be more island hopping; challenges of different kind. Will have to do more research, esp Kalimantan where condition of roads there is uncertain, and year end sea condition for ferry operations.

  4. I mean Part 2 of Asean on Wheels journey. Sorry.

  5. Welcome back, the durians in Phuket look good!
    .... and cowboy is funny!

  6. Thank you, Christine. yes, the cowboy was funny. He spoke good Teochew (Chinese dialect in South China) and sang a Teochew version of the popular cantonese song, Shanghai bund, to tempt his potential customers to buy his bird toy.

  7. Great tour and good stories.... very educational and refreshing in the crowded Blog waorld.
    Neo Chian's blog (AseanOnWheels) was picked up for Special Mention! by Progessional Ground.

  8. Welcome home, Neo Chian. What a journey. Wished I could have joined you on one of the stops. Let's catch up soon so you can regale me with your stories.
    Siew Hoon