Monday, December 7, 2009


1. For quite a while, I had been working with Toll Global Logistics (TGL) to transport the Pajero back to Singapore after the self-drive holiday. TGL handled the transport of my car to Brunei to begin the journey.

2. For exit port, Bali will be the most convenient, as I was already planning to end the holiday here in Bali. As it turned out, it costs considerably more to ship the car from Bali, as from Surabaya, like 3 times more, since the container has still to transit Surabaya. It naturally followed that Surabaya was selected as the exit port. With this, I have to drive the car to Surabaya in time for the shipment.

3. As I already had the Carnet properly endorsed by the Customs (i.e. approved for entry) at Entikong, under normal circumstances, it would just suffice to have the Carnet similarly endorsed for exit. However, to comply with Indonesian requirements, we were advised to do the following:

(a) For IMI to issue a new recommendation letter indicating Surabaya as the exit port. Dirya of IMI had been most helpful. I had received the hard copy of this letter, with a back up letter showing Bali as the exit port.

(b) With advice from Toll Global Forwarders (TGF, part of the TGL group) to apply for re-export permit for the Pajero, with a recommendation letter from the Indonesia Police Force, the Carnet and copy of my passport. The application will take at least 7 days, with the prospect that the Police may take even longer.

4. If all goes right, and matching that against the shipping schedules, we are working towards arriving Surabaya with the car before 11 Dec, with ship arriving at Surabaya on 11 Dec, departing Surabaya on 13 Dec and arriving Singapore 15 Dec. We should be back in Singapore on 12/13 Dec, subject to changes to ship movement and timely approval of the re-export application.


  1. all the best! lombok is beautiful!

    season's greetings!

  2. Dear Christine,
    Yes, Lombok has many of the same physical attributes as Bali - beautiful beaches and volcanoes and rice fields and traditional villages. It is less developed in tourism, except perhaps for Sengigi and the 3 Gili islands, and therefore overall less crowded. On the other hand, shopping, eating, massages etc have less choices in Lombok. Religion is pervasive in Bali. Hindu temples are everywhere and we could see Balinese ladies performing their religioius rituals every morning. In Lombok, it is less so. West Bali is more Hindu and east Bali more Muslim. But, Lombok too has its fair share of peddlars for tourist services and things, which can be a nuisance. From Singapore, Lombok is just as convenient to travel to. It is an attractive alternative to Bali and Phuket.

  3. Dear Christine,
    I forgot. All the best and seasons greetings to you too.

  4. look like u are now the expert for sunrise and sunset shots....good luck to your final leg of journey and welcome back to Singapore, weather (blow hot and cold at time) and air still the same:-)