Thursday, June 17, 2010


1. Just got back to Madison, Wisconsin at 4 pm today, June 16, Day 30. Yes, we were on the road for 30 days. Here's the 2 drivers, posing happily beside Weiping's Hyundai Elantra, back in his university. Happy because the car did not give us any trouble at all for 6 812 miles. Other than requiring a thorough clean up the car did not sustain a single scratch, and other than a warning from a friendly traffic cop and a speeding ticket from a less friendly cop we had a clean record. Over 30 days and 6 812 miles, things could have easily turned out less pleasantly.

2. We set out to do about 4000 miles but ended up doing a much bigger loop, all the way to Grand Canyon National Park. We were comfortable with the pace and decided that we could do more. Conversations with fellow travelers also tempted us to stretch ourselves. With hindsight, there were things we could have done differently. But, this is the subject for other posting.

3. For a change, I am happy we do not have to drive tomorrow. Will have a few free and easy days -catching up with blogs, reading and walking the town- before helping with Weiping's shift to Chicago. Should be back in Singapore 1 July.

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