Saturday, June 5, 2010


1. Our last day at Yellowstone, May 31 (Day 14) was spent visiting Canyon Village, Mud Volcano and West Thumb Geyser Basin, on the lower East loop of the Park's figure-of-8 circuit, before exiting the Park via the South Entrance. From there, we drove to Jackson, through Grand Teton National Park.

2. That day the sun was out but it was still cold. It was about an hour drive from West Yellowstone to Canyon Village; the stretch of road up to Madison we were now very familiar as we traveled it many times the last 3 days. Canyon Village was a pleasant change from the many geysers of the last 2 days.

3. Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone with Yellowstone River's 2 waterfalls was just stunning - huge, grand and beautiful. When we first saw it we were as excited as kids. We rushed forward to see more. The Canyon is 20 miles long, more than 1000 ft deep and 1,500-4000 ft wide. Height of the upper fall is 109 ft and the lower fall 308 ft.

3. We first explored the Northern rim, then the Southern rim. Our first stop to the Brink of the Lower Falls was the most challenging. It zig-zagged almost vertically down 500 ft to the lower fall. The magnificent view was worth the effort, though I was not sure all would agree with me. Even though its late May, snow still lined both sides of the walls of the fall. The other picture shows Weiping catching his breath after the climb back. Here is the video of the lower fall.

4. Here are more pictures of the Canyon from the North Rim.

5. This picture on the left shows the upper fall, taken from a lookout point from the South rim. When enlarged, you could see many visitors on a platform overlooking the fall.
The mother and son picture was also taken at the South rim with the lower fall in the background.

6. To be continued in the next blog.

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